Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, it may be necessary to make the decision to close the school. In the event of a school closure, details will be placed on the school closure section of the Flintshire website.

There are occasions when it becomes necessary to send pupils home due to inclement weather conditions. When this happens, we will send you a message via eMail or SZapp and also post the information on the school website.

Before they are allowed to depart, pupils are asked to inform staff if there are any difficulties i.e. no one at home.

weather conditions

What to do

It would be appreciated if you could discuss with your child what action you wish them to take if the school is required to send pupils home early e.g.


You can of course phone the school if you want to pass a message to your child. If you have made private arrangements to pick up your son/daughter from school, please inform us in person at reception where you will be asked to sign the register. We must be fully informed of any such actions.

If the school closes early and you are uncertain as to whether it will be open the following day, please either:


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