Reward and Recognition

At Elfed High School, we are committed to recognising achievement through our Elfed Excellence programme. This includes, but is not limited to:

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Achievement Points

Teachers reward students for exceeding their expectations using Achievement Points on Class Charts. Achievement Points are used to inform year group and whole-school competitions and stand-alone recognition events.

Praise Postcards and Verbal Communication

All staff are encouraged to send regular Praise Postcards and make phone calls home to recognise hard work, positive behaviour and/or commitment to our Core Values.

Weekly Core Values Awards

During assemblies, Heads of Year will award one student each week who has shown commitment to one of our five Core Values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, High Aspirations and Self-belief.

Termly Subject and Attendance Awards

At the end of each term, Subject Areas nominate students for a Subject Award. Awards are given at the discretion of the Subject Area, for example to students who show high levels of achievement or improvement in the subject. Heads of Year may recognise full or improved attendance at various points throughout the year.

Stand Alone Recognition Events

Throughout the academic year, students who are identified as having exceeded expectations may be invited to participate in one-off reward events. Examples may include reward trips, Senior Leadership Lunch, personalised letters and meetings with Governors. The identification of students who participate in these is at the discretion of Heads of Year and the Senior Leadership Team, in recognition for their hard work, positive behaviour and/or commitment to our Core Values.

School Colours

School Colours may be awarded to students for outstanding achievement and/or service to the school. Teachers may nominate students who have been involved in significant extra-curricular activities or have enhanced the reputation of the school through their efforts.

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